weightless. the e-course.

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introducing . . .

You’ve been battling an all-consuming eating disorder, and are currently on the path to full recovery. You’re beginning to eat intuitively, shifting into a nutritional norm after years of either starving yourself or bingeing and purging. You’re beginning to listen to your body, trusting that it will guide you in the direction of healthy choices.

The journey ahead may seem a daunting task, fraught with discomfort and fear. After all, you’ve kept that true-self woman hidden away for a very long while. You’re not even sure you will recognize her when she does eventually emerge. And to be able to trust her on this journey into the unknown seems very foreign indeed.

But haven’t you already proven yourself? You’ve continued to fight, and even conquer, the physical aspects of your eating disorder. And you’ve displayed amazing strength and courage at every turn. You are almost there. It is time to embark on the final leg . . .

weightless: the essence7 journey to a

bold.free.new life.

Imagine yourself, the intrepid passenger . . .

  • traveling through the myriad of emotional challenges to the very heart of your essence
  • searching deeply for personal wholeness, with no more thoughts of retreating into your eating disorder
  • transforming a tumultuous recovery into the ultimate creative discovery
  • arriving at a final destination of incomparable joy, your bold.free.new life.


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This new revolutionary e-course . . .

weightless: the essence7 journey to a

bold.free.new life.


  • will address the unhelpful lingering emotional issues that make it difficult to move past an eating disorder
  • will generate hope and excitement for the life adventures that lie ahead
  • will help you find your way back to your precious self

The 7 essential elements introduced and explored in these modules, your personal travel itinerary, will assist you as you begin listening to your body and forming a new relationship with food and eating.

But the main purpose of this holistic e-course is much further-reaching. These elements form the core of my essence7 philosophy, and have brought strength and freedom to many women through in-person workshops and 1:1 sessions. I am inviting you to apply them to your life as a whole:

  • to embrace hope, while firmly and finally ignoring the voice of the illness that masqueraded as your genuine self
  • to reunite with your emotions and to recognize them as the true messengers of your soul
  • to accept yourself and to trust yourself
  • to remember what it was like to enjoy life and to revel in the warmth that it brings, while always seeking exciting new horizons
  • to learn to love yourself, perhaps for the very first time
  • to once again discover and delight in your true essence


“April is a great teacher and speaker. Her methods are so informative, clear, and on a level of expertise that makes you feel comfortable about where you are and encourages you to be your best. I feel very lucky to have met her.”


“Thanks for an informational and motivating class. And for your reminders that this is much more than just eating that I am dealing with. I appreciate you!”


Who is this course for?

This course might be perfect for you if:

  • You are an adult woman who has recovered physically from anorexia, bulimia, or binge eating disorder, but you are still struggling with the emotional aspects of the illness.
  • You want to move beyond your limiting thoughts (that have become second-nature to you) and beyond your grief (a remnant of saying goodbye to your eating disorder.)
  • You are unsure of who you are without the crutch of the eating disorder, which previously consumed your life.
  • You are relieved to be physically healed, but have mixed feelings about saying a final farewell to your eating disorder.
  • You are ready to rediscover your identity, reconnect with your essence, and recreate your life.
  • You wish to feel truly weightless as you free fall into full recovery, letting go of the edge of your comfort zone and trusting yourself on this transformational journey.

This course is probably NOT for you if:

  • You believe full recovery and total freedom from an eating disorder is NOT possible.
  • You think recovering from an eating disorder is a quick or easy fix.
  • You fear learning more about yourself, diving deep, and rediscovering what makes you come alive.
  • You have no desire to take responsibility for your life and the direction it is going.
  • You have no interest in recapturing your extraordinary, unparalleled, distinctively unique essence.


“I stood up for myself today—really didn’t need what happened, but I held my own. Thanks again for your help and guidance, for everything. You specialize in eating disorders and recovery, but you are also a mental health counselor, life coach, and friend. I couldn’t have done this without your encouragement—you are a true gift to me! You have helped me think about my future and dare to imagine that I can pursue opportunities once the kids are grown. Haven’t done that in a long time. Thank you for your reminders to be kind to myself. I’m very fortunate to have such a great counselor!”


How does this course work?

weightless: the essence7 journey to a bold.free.new life. is a 7-week live workshop. Each week, a new essential element will be introduced in a separate module, with 5 daily lessons unlocked weekly. You will work on your own, and be invited to share your thoughts and experiences with the group as your journey progresses. I will be available each day, Monday through Friday, to answer your questions and concerns, to share ideas and suggestions, and to offer general guidance and encouragement. In addition, interaction through group discussion will allow for a vital community process to take place.

A new lesson and accompanying activity will be presented each Monday through Thursday. Each Friday will serve as a layover day, allowing time to pause, reflect, process, and replenish (and also catch up if needed).

The activities are a combination of PDFs/worksheets, journaling prompts, hands-on assignments, thought-provoking questions, and audio. As a result of my vast coaching/counseling experience, I have discovered that reading and then processing the materials, journaling your thoughts, taking bold action, and finally assessing your results are crucial steps to any successful inner journey.

And you’ll actually get the benefits of the course for as long as you’d like! Although you will only be able to interact with other group members and me for the first 7 weeks, you will have access to the 7 core modules forevermore.

Who is your travel guide?


blue eyes searching

My name is April M. Lee, and I am a certified holistic life and wellness coach and a food psychology coach. I also have bachelor’s degrees in both Business and Psychology, and a master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling.

I have worked with adolescent and adult women with a variety of eating issues for over 20 years. As an eating disorders aftercare coach, I currently mentor women who have physically recovered from anorexia, bulimia, or binge eating disorder, but are still struggling with the emotional aspects of their illness and are trying to rediscover and reconnect with their true essence.

In late summer 2016, I will be pushing myself out of my own comfort zone and relocating to an Italian villa in Tuscany. As well as my primary residence, it will serve as the destination for my upcoming in-person retreat-no-more experiences (weightless: the arrival).
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For a more in-depth look at me and my coaching style, please visit my global studio: http://www.essence7wellness.com/


“In recent months I have thought of you often, and the role that you played in my growth journey. I think it all is cumulative, and you were definitely a part of my growth path. I am grateful that you were. I do get to see your posts and read about your adventures from time to time. Your recent post was perfect timing as to going forth within the fear. I admire your ability to follow your own uncommon path, and the great places it has led you. (And a super congratulations on your new Italian home destination! That sounds amazingly exciting.) Gratitude April, for being part of my path.”


How is this course set up?

For 7 weeks, beginning on Monday, January 25, 2016, I will work together with you and a small group of like-minded women inside a private, judgment-free course area as you navigate the wonders of a bold.free.new life., obtaining freedom at last from the confines of your eating disorder.

This will be a safe and supportive environment with daily attention, where you can share as much or as little of your individual journey as you wish.

“This class has been a real inspiration for me. I feel like I’ve learned so much in such a short time. April is very knowledgeable and supportive in her presentation. She encourages each person to participate without making you feel uncomfortable or self-conscious about what you are sharing. I appreciate her style and warmth.

The flight plan . . .

weightless: the essence7 journey to a

bold.free.new life.


TAKEOFF (introduction)


Module 1: AWARENESS (essential element #1)

[the awareness assignment: mindful steps]

#1-1: Noticing your surroundings and your experiences with wonder.

#1-2: Understanding homeostasis.

#1-3: Utilizing the ultimate weapon of awareness effectively.

#1-4: Unraveling the patterns that hold you back on your journey.

AWARENESS Layover Activity #1-5

Module 2: MOVEMENT (essential element #2)

[the momentum of movement: in the right direction]

#2-1: Moving forward in your desired direction, literally and metaphorically.

#2-2: Improving your psychological energy.

#2-3: Immersing yourself in joyful activities and saying no when necessary.

#2-4: Continuing to challenge yourself, continuing to grow, continuing to take risks.

MOVEMENT Layover Activity #2-5

Module 3: NOURISHMENT (essential element #3)

[the nourishment ingredient: body-and-soul enlightenment]

#3-1: Identifying physical hunger (your body).

#3-2: Acknowledging spiritual/metaphorical hunger (your soul).

#3-3: Reflecting on and reveling in what truly feeds you.

#3-4: Refeeding your soul.

NOURISHMENT Layover Activity #3-5

Module 4: VOICE (essential element #4)

[the vibrant, valuable, vivacious voice: assertiveness and assurance]

#4-1: Breaking your silence by speaking up, perhaps for the very first time.

#4-2: Examining the stories that you carry around with you – are they truly yours?

#4-3: Navigating the seasons of emotion.

#4-4: Highlighting your original story travel itinerary.

VOICE Layover Activity #4-5

Module 5: ZEST (essential element #5)

[the zest quest: in search of wholeness]

#5-1: Engaging in self care > experiencing delight > creating a zest-filled life.

#5-2: Risking real or imagined fears as you create a delight-filled life.

#5-3: Battling for an amplified life.

#5-4: Including the essentials on your packing list.

ZEST Layover Activity #5-5

Module 6: GRIT (essential element #6)

[chasing down grit: bravery and strength]

#6-1: Learning to trust yourself, experiencing your own amazing strength.

#6-2: Expressing joy, acknowledging grief and sadness.

#6-3: Finding motivation within, proceeding with determination.

#6-4: Realizing everything in life is a choice and doing whatever it takes.

GRIT Layover Activity #6-5

Module 7: UNTETHERED INTEGRATION (essential element #7)

[the arrival at your unique and final destination, a bold.free.new life. reliance on self. wholeness.]

#7-1: Exploring the space between your eating disorder and holistic healing, recapturing your true essence.

#7-2: Liberating yourself from the confines of your eating disorder, free at last from the chains you once created.

#7-3: Walking on fire.

#7-4: Encountering eleventh hour illumination.


LANDING (conclusion)

A quick glimpse on board . . .

screen shot from e-course


“I rarely give a workshop or training all high marks, but really felt this experience has been transformative and very well worth the time, money, and effort. April was so clear in her presentation and warm and accessible in her personal approach, the ‘a-ha!’ moments, and the group interactions. This is the first time I’ve focused on health and eating where I’ve actually seen progress that feels like it’ll be long-lasting.”


“What would I say to someone just starting the eating disorder recovery journey? It’s going to suck! Recovery will initially consume you, it has to. But do the hard work, listen and BELIEVE what April says, push the inevitable relapses to the side and just keep swimming.”


What is your investment?

Who are you without your eating disorder? Do you even know? Did you ever know? Would you recognize yourself if you caught a glimpse of the real you? What is your true longing? Your true desire? Your true essence?

Allow the essence7 journey, a deeply personal search for wholeness, to guide you back to yourself, to free you from a life chained to an unhealthy eating disorder.

What will your emotional investment in this e-course consist of? Time. Energy. Commitment. Openness. Honesty. Courage.

And what will your financial investment be? I am offering this first run of my signature online course (which is a new-and-improved variation of my essence7 philosophy, a class I’ve facilitated many times in person) at a cost of $399.

You’ll also have full, free, unlimited access to any new class material or bonuses added to the course in the future. (When this program opens again, it will be offered at the higher rate of $549.)

This one-of-a-kind soul-searching excursion will never be available at this price again. Don’t miss the chance to sign up for this guided tour to a more meaningful existence, without the excess baggage of an eating disorder.

Join me on the maiden voyage of weightless for just $399!


“April’s three best qualities? Compassion, Kindness, Commitment.”

When you enroll in this signature e-course, you’ll receive:

  • 7 weeks of written lessons (with accompanying activities designed to enhance and personalize each lesson)
  • 4 full-color PDFs (that you can save and print out)
  • 7 personally-recorded audio messages from me (that you can listen to again and again)
  • a secure and private forum where you can ask questions and dive deep into discussions (along with me, your travel guide throughout this essence7 journey)
  • support and encouragement from a group of like-minded women (who understand what you’re going through and who have similar goals)
  • full, free, unlimited access to any new class material or bonuses added to the course in the future


“I was thinking of you today, and how open I was about the sexual abuse in my life to someone I have only met twice before. While thinking about you and the passion you showed about your feelings for myself and other survivors of sexual abuse, my thoughts went to wondering if you would be at all interested in taking this further. By this I mean, you have so much to offer. I feel this in every pore of my body. I spent 8 years in the late 80’s and early 90’s working with many psychologists, psychiatrists, and counselors, and I believe you have a gift, April. I hope someday you will be heard by many, many people.”


When does the course begin?


I’ll welcome you into the private flight lounge on Sunday, January 24, so you can get a feel for the course itinerary and have a chance to meet your fellow traveling companions. The course will officially begin on Monday, January 25, 2016.


Your final boarding announcement:


Book your first-class seat in weightless: the e-course at just $399!


Then prepare for takeoff!