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THE ARRIVAL: the quintessential essence7 journey

to making your dreams come true

THE ARRIVAL (August 1)


“And you, when will you begin that long journey into yourself?”


How many times have you done what’s expected (or accepted)? Sacrificed your own wants and needs in order to stay safe, to avoid standing out? How many times have you surrendered your own authenticity?

When is it time to begin paying attention to your long-held dreams, your secret ambitions? To stop imagining your best life and begin living it instead?

Come with me on a journey of self-exploration and discovery to a place of incomparable joy . . . THE ARRIVAL: the quintessential essence7 journey to making your dreams come true.

My all-encompassing goal as an adult has been to understand, to connect to, and to embody my essence. My company, essence7 wellness, arose from this endeavor. This course introduces and explores the 7 essential elements that make up my personal philosophy, my driving force.

Awareness. Movement. Nourishment. Voice. Zest. Grit. Untethered integration.

Seemingly simple concepts. Amazingly effective when consistently and wholeheartedly applied.

Have I myself arrived? I don’t think a person is ever fully complete, ever fully arrives. But I am proof that dreams, desires, wishes, and goals can absolutely be realized. And throughout this process, I’ve become somewhat of an expert on my life.

You are the authority, the decision-maker, the dream-diver when it comes to your own life. Perhaps your vision – seeking, searching, exploring, experimenting – has been stalled. But the questioning and the stretching and the wondering continue to make you feel alive, to assure you that life has meaning.

What animates you? What elevates you? What invigorates you? What exhilarates you? Are you doing these things?

What is your soul whispering to you, perhaps even screaming at you? Are you listening?

I can help guide you. I can gently (or not so gently) nudge you in the direction you wish to go. Because I think your dreams matter. And I think it’s time to embrace them.

Rediscovering or reinventing yourself may seem a daunting task, fraught with discomfort and fear. Maybe you’ve kept the woman you truly are hidden away for a very long while. Maybe you’re not even sure you will recognize her when she does eventually emerge. And to be able to trust her on this journey into the unknown probably seems very foreign indeed.

You’re right, of course. It will most likely be a bumpy flight at times. In fact, it’s a guarantee you will encounter turbulence along the way. There will be delays in your progress, perhaps even cancellations of goals and dreams that no longer align with your true self. You will find yourself laying over, waiting for the next revelation, perhaps longer than you’d previously felt comfortable with. (Of course, I’ll try to make the trip as smooth as possible in our 7 weeks together.)

Think of my 7 essential elements as a holistic invitation. Because the essence7 journey is a discovery, a celebration, a stepping stone along the way to becoming a fully integrated person. And the women who go through this unique process? Magnificent.

Hope. Freedom. Openness. Light. All contained within. Are you ready to allow the essence7 journey to guide you back to yourself?

Retreat no more.

Choose to arrive.


THE ARRIVAL: the quintessential essence7 journey

to making your dreams come true

Imagine yourself, the intrepid passenger . . .

  • traveling through the myriad of emotional challenges to the very heart of your essence
  • searching deeply for personal wholeness, with no more thoughts of retreating further into an unfulfilling existence
  • transforming inertia and immobility into the ultimate creative discovery
  • choosing to arrive at a final destination of incomparable joy: your bold, free, new life


THE ARRIVAL questions

This revolutionary e-course . . .

THE ARRIVAL: the quintessential essence7 journey

to making your dreams come true


  • will address any unhelpful lingering emotional issues that make it difficult to move past setbacks
  • will generate hope and excitement for the life adventures that lie ahead
  • will help you find your way back to your precious self

The 7 essential elements introduced and explored in these modules, your personal travel itinerary, will assist you as you begin paying attention to your deepest desires.

This holistic e-course is far-reaching. These elements form the core of my essence7 philosophy, and have brought strength and freedom to many women through in-person workshops and 1:1 sessions. Today I am inviting you to apply my 7 essential elements to your life as a whole, so that you can:

  • embrace hope, while firmly and finally ignoring the false voice of fear that has been masquerading as your genuine self
  • reunite with your emotions, recognizing them as the true messengers of your soul
  • firmly accept and wholeheartedly trust yourself
  • remember what it is like to enjoy life and to revel in the warmth that it brings, while always seeking exciting new horizons
  • learn to love yourself, perhaps for the very first time
  • once again discover and delight in your true essence


“April is a great teacher. Her methods are so informative, clear, and on a level of expertise that makes you feel comfortable about where you are and encourages you to be your best. I feel very lucky to have met her.”




“Thanks for an informational and motivating class. I appreciate you!”




“April, what I love about you is how you coach yourself first. You allow all of us a glimpse into your mind, heart and life. You show us what you are experiencing in a very authentic and transparent way, then you show us how you walk yourself through it, without judgment. You realign yourself then show us how you did it, and lastly how we can do it for ourselves. You use your wisdom and training and knowledge and skills for your own benefit as well as for all of ours. And I also love how you shine a bright light on your fears. Getting them out of the dark recesses of your mind and onto paper, for all to see. You are a brave, brave woman who pursues her dreams not in the absence of fear, but in spite of it. You have shown such a clear picture of your transformation over the years. You have inspired me and made me feel understood and perfectly alright, no matter what I was going through! Thank you for providing an inspiring and invigorating way to own the life we are living!!”


Who is this course for?

This course might be perfect for you if:

  • You want to move beyond the limiting thoughts that have become second-nature to you.
  • You wish to let go of the final edge of your comfort zone and trust yourself on a truly transformational journey.
  • You are ready to fight for your individuality, for your authentic voice.
  • You realize that perseverance and stamina can be learned and practiced.
  • You are ready to rediscover your identity, reconnect with your essence, and recreate your life.

This course is probably NOT for you if:

  • You believe total freedom to be who you are is NOT possible.
  • You fear learning more about yourself, diving deep, and discovering what makes you come alive.
  • You have no desire to take responsibility for your life and the direction it is going.
  • You refuse to confront and defy what’s been holding you back.
  • You have no interest in recapturing your extraordinary, unparalleled, distinctively unique, and magical essence.

This course speaks to women in many different situations. My clients have experienced empty nests and new relationships. Some are retired, some are divorced, and some are widowed. Several have gone through challenging and disheartening times with their children.

But they all have one thing in common . . . they are trying to maintain their individuality, trying to be their own person, trying to reach their most cherished dreams.

“I stood up for myself today—really didn’t need what happened, but I held my own. Thanks again for your help and guidance, for everything. You are a mental health counselor, life coach, and friend. I couldn’t have done this without your encouragement — you are a true gift to me! You have helped me think about my future and dare to imagine that I can pursue opportunities once the kids are grown. Haven’t done that in a long time. Thank you for your reminders to be kind to myself. I’m very fortunate to have such a great counselor!”




“You are affirming!”


How does this course work?

THE ARRIVAL: the quintessential essence7 journey to making your dreams come true is a 7-week live workshop. Each week, a new essential element will be introduced in a separate module. You will work on your own, and be invited to share your thoughts and experiences with the group as your journey progresses.

Four new lessons and accompanying activities will be unlocked and presented each week (designed to take you Monday through Thursday). The fifth day (Friday) will serve as a layover day, allowing time to pause, reflect, process, and replenish (and also catch up if needed).

I will be available each day, Monday through Friday, to answer your questions and concerns, to share ideas and suggestions, and to offer general guidance and encouragement. In addition, interaction through group discussion will allow for a vital community process to take place.

The activities are a combination of PDFs/worksheets, journaling prompts, hands-on assignments, thought-provoking questions, and audio. As a result of my vast coaching/counseling experience, I have discovered that reading and then processing the materials, journaling your thoughts, taking bold action, and finally assessing your results are crucial steps to any successful inner journey.

And you’ll actually get the benefits of the course for as long as you’d like! Although you will only be able to interact with me and other group members in the course area for the first 7 weeks, you will have access to the 7 core modules forevermore. In addition, a private Facebook group will open during the seventh week of class so that you may continue to support and encourage one another.

Retreat no more.

Choose to arrive.


Who is your travel guide?


blue eyes searching

My name is April M. Lee, and I am certified as a holistic life coach, a wellness coach, and a food psychology coach. I also have bachelor’s degrees in both Business and Psychology, and a master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling.

I’ve mentored adult women, as well as adolescent girls, with a variety of eating issues for over 20 years. I’ve counseled kids with chemical dependencies. I’ve helped clients navigate their way through devastating grief and loss. I’ve worked with people struggling with various types and levels of depression.

What all of my clients have had in common is the inspiration to take bigger leaps than they’d ever thought possible. And it’s been my pleasure and privilege to be present for their amazing revelations.

In October, I will be pushing myself out of my own comfort zone and relocating to an Italian villa in Tuscany. As well as my primary residence, it will serve as the destination for my upcoming in-person retreat-no-more experiences. It is a dream come true for me in many ways.

villa magnolia corner with mountain view

For a more in-depth look at me and my coaching style, please visit my global studio:


“I really feel that this experience has been transformative and very well worth the time, money, and effort. The ‘a-ha!’ moments, the group interactions. April was so clear in her presentation and warm and accessible in her personal approach. I’ve actually seen progress that feels like it’ll be long-lasting.”




“I have thought of you often, and the role that you played in my growth journey. I think it all is cumulative, and you were definitely a part of my growth path. I am grateful that you were. I admire your ability to follow your own uncommon path, and the great places it has led you. Gratitude April, for being part of my path.”




“This class has been a real inspiration for me. I feel like I’ve learned so much in such a short time. April is very knowledgeable and supportive. She encourages each person to participate without making you feel uncomfortable or self-conscious about what you are sharing. I appreciate her style and warmth.”


How is this course set up?

For 7 weeks, beginning on Monday, August 1, 2016, I will work together with you and a small group of like-minded women inside a private, judgment-free course area as you navigate the wonders of a bold, free, new life.

This will be a safe and supportive environment with daily attention, where you can share as much or as little of your individual journey as you wish.
The flight plan . . .

THE ARRIVAL: the quintessential essence7 journey

to making your dreams come true


TAKEOFF (introduction)


Module 1: AWARENESS (essential element #1)

[the awareness assignment: mindful steps]

#1-1: Curiosity.

#1-2: Observation.

#1-3: Possibility.

#1-4: Patterns.

AWARENESS Layover Activity #1-5

Module 2: MOVEMENT (essential element #2)

[the momentum of movement: in the right direction]

#2-1: Energy.

#2-2: Challenge.

#2-3: Acceleration.

#2-4: Action.

MOVEMENT Layover Activity #2-5

Module 3: NOURISHMENT (essential element #3)

[the nourishment ingredient: body-and-soul enlightenment]

#3-1: Appetite.

#3-2: Creativity.

#3-3: Purpose.

#3-4: Pursuit.

NOURISHMENT Layover Activity #3-5

Module 4: VOICE (essential element #4)

[the vibrant, valuable, vivacious voice: assertiveness and assurance]

#4-1: Honesty.

#4-2: Expression.

#4-3: Navigation.

#4-4: Distinction.

VOICE Layover Activity #4-5

Module 5: ZEST (essential element #5)

[the zest quest: in search of wholeness]

#5-1: Inspiration.

#5-2: Delight.

#5-3: Priority.

#5-4: Fascination.

ZEST Layover Activity #5-5

Module 6: GRIT (essential element #6)

[chasing down grit: bravery and strength]

#6-1: Flexibility.

#6-2: Courage.

#6-3: Determination.

#6-4: Commitment.

GRIT Layover Activity #6-5

Module 7: UNTETHERED INTEGRATION (essential element #7)

[your unique and final destination. a bold free new life. confident reliance on self. wholeness.]

#7-1: Reinvention (very-best-self).

#7-2: Originality (freedom).

#7-3: Ingenuity (enlightenment).

#7-4: Arrival (actualization).


LANDING (conclusion)

A quick glimpse on board . . .
screen shot from e-course (grandma)

Retreat no more.

Choose to arrive.


“Do the hard work, listen and BELIEVE what April says, push the inevitable relapses to the side and just keep swimming.”




“The number one benefit of this program has been receiving ways to change my inner thoughts, specifically the negative ones we all hear from time to time. Also, setting goals for myself that I never thought were possible and getting the motivation to take necessary steps. I enjoyed the discussions among the participants – it was a comfort to know all would be kept confidential. I think this really helped me share more and open up, and I appreciate the friendships! I also liked the flexibility of the course. It was a relief to know I could work at my own pace. The flexibility allowed me to think things through and take my time, and I believe I was able to dig deeper because of this. I think my favorite part and what helped me most was the section on Thinking Errors/Cognitive Distortions. April is very patient and encouraging. She has the ability to really pinpoint areas you need to face and cheer you along. She was very good at responding in a timely manner.”


What is your investment?

Who are you? Do you even know? Did you ever know? Would you recognize yourself if you caught a glimpse of the real you? What is your true longing? Your true desire? Your true essence?

Allow the essence7 journey, a deeply personal search for wholeness, to guide you back to yourself, to free you from a life chained to a less-than-genuine you.

What will your emotional investment in this e-course consist of? Time. Energy. Commitment. Honesty. Courage. Humor.

And what will your financial investment be?

Reserve your exclusive seat now

at the incredible rate of

ONLY $357!

This is the second online presentation of my signature workshop (a new-and-improved version of my essence7 philosophy, a class I’ve facilitated many times in person). This boutique workshop continues to stretch and grow (just as I hope to) with future iterations. If you sign up today, you will always have full, free, unlimited access to any new class material or bonuses added to the course.

Don’t miss the chance to sign up now for this personally guided tour to a more meaningful existence. Lock in your legacy today for this one-of-a-kind introspective excursion!

Join me on this delicious voyage of THE ARRIVAL for just $357!


“I am always so inspired by your writing . . . and by you. The way you work to pull people beyond the comfort & into the unknown/new territory . . . risk taking & living ‘out loud’ is for all of us . . . You’re amazing and I so appreciate this glimpse of you.
With Love & Respect.”




“April’s three best qualities? Compassion, Kindness, Commitment. She is such a compassionate person and all the personal feedback along the way was wonderful. It also really helps to keep you encouraged to continue thru the course, and to incorporate the lessons in your life and to continue to open up within the course. It is not always easy to be so open about such personal topics but I think that April’s style makes this much easier to do.”




“You are the BEST, MOST FUN coach!”

When you enroll in this signature e-course, you’ll receive:

  • 7 weeks of written lessons (with accompanying activities designed to enhance and personalize each lesson)
  • 7 full-color printable PDFs
  • 7 personally-recorded audio messages (that you can listen to again and again)
  • a secure and private forum where you can ask questions and dive deep into discussions (with me, your travel guide throughout this essence7 journey, and other participants)
  • support and encouragement from a group of like-minded women (who understand your needs and who have similar goals)
  • full, free, unlimited access to any new class material or bonuses added to the course in the future
  • a private Facebook group following the coursework, designed to continue the relationships formed (look for an invitation to join in the course discussion area during the seventh week!)


“I was thinking of you today, and the passion you showed about my feelings. You have so much to offer. I feel this in every pore of my body. I believe you have a gift, April, and I hope someday you will be heard by many, many people.”




“I think the big revelation is that I am able to do what I want to do… I just need to move beyond the planning stage. I need to take that next step to redesign my life. I get bogged down when an event happens or issues come up, then I get off track. I need to stay the course. I am going to review the lessons slowly and comment some more. This has been a life changing course for me. Thank you April for all you have taught me. Onward!”


When does the course begin?


I’ll welcome you into the private flight lounge on Sunday, July 31, so you can get a feel for the course itinerary and have a chance to meet your fellow traveling companions. The course will officially begin on Monday, August 1, 2016.


“Oh gosh, I love this course! It’s all I want to do! Also, a friend was all upside down about something and I prescribed your entire blog for her to immerse herself in. I think, for me, a recurring theme of your writing is ‘acknowledge it, feel it, now snap out of it’ (and how to do it). Of course, you’re nice how you say that. But it’s a very good recipe.”




“Your story, your beautiful contribution to the world, is one I have been following and sharing with my husband, as we prepare for the next chapter of our lives. You inspire me to dream just a little more, April!”


Your final boarding announcement:


Book your first-class seat for THE ARRIVAL

at the low price of $357!


Then prepare for takeoff on August 1!


Retreat no more.

Choose to arrive.