THE ARRIVAL (in italy)

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THE ARRIVAL- retreat no more



First of all, this isn’t really a retreat. At least not in the true sense of the word. The word retreat connotes some type of withdrawal or act of seclusion, some type of retirement or going backwards. And that is definitely NOT how I would describe THE ARRIVAL at Villa Magnolia. In fact, it’s just the opposite.

It’s not a refuge I’m offering, but rather an opportunity to push and challenge yourself. To coax yourself out of that comfortable space you’ve stayed in far too long. It’s a chance to get real about what you really want in your life, to come face-to-face with your essence (the “true you” at your very core). It’s the chance you’ve secretly been hoping for.

To choose, clarify, chase, and catch your most cherished and long-held dreams.

bold free new life

Retreat no more.

Choose to arrive.

How many times have you done what’s expected (or accepted)? Sacrificed your own wants and needs in order to stay safe, to avoid standing out? How many times have you surrendered your own authenticity?

When is it time to begin paying attention to your long-held dreams, your secret ambitions? To stop imagining your best life and begin living it instead?

Come with me on a journey of self-exploration and discovery to a place of incomparable joy . . .

THE ARRIVAL: the quintessential essence7 journey to making your dreams come true.

My all-encompassing goal as an adult has been to understand, to connect to, and to embody my essence. My company, essence7 wellness, arose from this endeavor. This retreat-no-more experience explores the 7 essential elements that form the core of my personal philosophy, my driving force. Distilled down. LIVE. In person. In Italy.

1. Awareness.

The awareness assignment: mindful steps.
Curiosity. Observation. Possibility. Patterns.


2. Movement.

The momentum of movement: in the right direction.
Energy. Challenge. Acceleration. Action.


3. Nourishment.

The nourishment ingredient: body-and-soul enlightenment.
Appetite. Creativity. Purpose. Pursuit.


4. Voice.

Your vibrant, valuable, vivacious voice: assertiveness and assurance.
Honesty. Expression. Navigation. Distinction.


5. Zest.

The zest quest: in search of wholeness.
Inspiration. Delight. Priority. Fascination.


6. Grit.

Chasing down grit: bravery and strength.
Flexibility. Courage. Determination. Commitment.


7. Untethered integration.

Your unique and final destination: a bold free new life.
Confident reliance on self. Wholeness.

Reinvention (very-best-self).
Originality (freedom).
Ingenuity (enlightenment).
Arrival (actualization).

Seemingly simple concepts. Amazingly effective when consistently and wholeheartedly applied.

Have I myself arrived? I don’t think a person is ever fully complete, ever fully arrives. But I am proof that dreams, desires, wishes, and goals can absolutely be realized. And throughout this process, I’ve become somewhat of an expert on my life.

You are the authority, the decision-maker, the dream-diver when it comes to your own life. Perhaps your vision – seeking, searching, exploring, experimenting – has been stalled. But the questioning and the stretching and the wondering continue to make you feel alive, to assure you that life has meaning.

What animates you? What elevates you? What invigorates you? What exhilarates you?

What is your soul whispering to you, perhaps even screaming at you? Are you listening? Are you doing these things?

I can help guide you. I can gently (or not so gently) nudge you in the direction you wish to go. Because I think your dreams matter. And I think it’s time to embrace them.

Rediscovering or reinventing yourself may seem a daunting task, fraught with discomfort and fear. Maybe you’ve kept the woman you truly are hidden away for a very long while. Maybe you’re not even sure you will recognize her when she does eventually emerge. And to be able to trust her on this excursion into the unknown probably seems very foreign indeed.

You’re right, of course. It will most likely be a bumpy flight at times. In fact, it’s a guarantee you will encounter turbulence along the way. There will be delays in your progress, perhaps even a cancellation of the goals and dreams that no longer align with your true self. You will find yourself laying over, waiting for the next revelation, perhaps longer than you’d previously felt comfortable with. (Of course, I’ll try to make the journey as smooth as possible in our 5 days together.)

Think of my 7 essential elements as a holistic invitation. The essence7 journey is a discovery, a celebration, a stepping stone along the way to becoming a fully integrated person. And the women who go through this unique process? Magnificent. They are the reason I am so committed to THE ARRIVAL revolution. To its powerful message.

Hope. Freedom. Openness. Light. All contained within. Are you ready to allow the essence7 journey to guide you back to yourself?

THE ARRIVAL: the quintessential essence7 journey

to making your dreams come true

Imagine yourself, the intrepid passenger . . .

  • traveling through the myriad of emotional challenges to the very heart of your essence
  • searching deeply for personal wholeness, with no more thoughts of retreating further into an unfulfilling existence
  • transforming inertia and immobility into the ultimate creative discovery
  • choosing to arrive at a final destination of incomparable joy: your bold, free, new life


Are you ready to check your remaining emotional baggage at the gate

and board a flight back to a fully-lived life?


Is it time to break free from the automatic-but-unhelpful

thought patterns and habits that keep weighing you down?


Are you ready to redirect your energies to exploring and embracing

your uniquely wonderful inner self?


Is it time to witness the rebirth of your vitality and strength,

time to rediscover and reinvigorate your essence?

My 7 revolutionary essential elements (introduced, explored, and distilled during our five days together):

  • will address any lingering emotional issues that make it difficult to move past setbacks
  • will assist you as you begin paying attention to your deepest desires
  • will generate hope and excitement for the life adventures that lie ahead
  • will help you find your way back to your precious self

This holistic itinerary is far-reaching, and has brought both freedom and strength to many women through my 1:1 sessions, in-person workshops, and online courses. Together, in Italy, I will be inviting you to apply my 7 essential elements to your life as a whole, so that you can:

  • embrace hope, while firmly and finally ignoring the false voice of fear that has been masquerading as your genuine self
  • reunite with your emotions, recognizing them as the true messengers of your soul
  • firmly accept and wholeheartedly trust yourself
  • remember what it’s like to enjoy life and to revel in the warmth that it brings, while always seeking exciting new horizons
  • learn to love yourself, perhaps for the very first time
  • once again discover and delight in your true essence


“And you, when will you begin that long journey into yourself?”




THE ARRIVAL is a 5-day retreat, which begins Monday morning, June 26 and concludes on Friday afternoon, June 30, 2017. Villa Magnolia and I will be ready to greet you on Sunday evening, June 25.


You will be an honored guest at Villa Magnolia, which is my home in Italy. It is located between two bustling villages, at the edge of Barbarasco, in the northern tip of Tuscany. The villa sits on the ridge of a hill, with beautiful panoramic views of the Magra River, the Apuan Alps (famous for their Carrara marble), and the Apennine range.
apuan alps in february
The villa is extremely private, but still part of the vital and throbbing vein of Tuscan life. A lively rhythm and energetic pulse will draw you into everyday life in this Italian community. Since I live here full-time, you will be privy to a more authentic real-life experience of the location. A sense of well-being radiates throughout this historical territory of Lunigiana (“Land of the Moon”), with its magical mix of both grounding mountains and scintillating sea, sprinkled with Medici and Malaspina castles (one of which is visible from Villa Magnolia’s tower room). Very near the villa is the ancient pilgrim road and walking trail, Via Francigena, which extends from Rome to Canterbury, England. And village after medieval village, full of sensory delights.
nicholas's bike ride above tresana 2
The beautiful Mediterranean seaside towns which make up the Gulf of Poets (where famous artists such as Shelley, Lawrence, and Byron have found inspiration through the years) are only half an hour away. And just beyond lies the famous Cinque Terre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with its centuries-old seaside villages on the rugged Italian Riviera coastline. (This retreat package includes a day trip to this enchanting must-see location.)
tellaro pink cottage and boat
tellaro sea
If you decide to stay in Italy or Europe longer, several larger cities and cultural centers are close by. Aulla, with a population of ten thousand, is just a 10-minute drive away and has both train station and motorway access, ready to take you into the heart of Europe. Pisa is the easiest place to fly into, with its international airport just 45 minutes away. Lucca and Genoa, Florence and Milan are all very close. And if you’re craving a taste of the French Riviera, Nice is only a 3-1/2 hour drive.


both a masterpiece and a work-in-progress
Villa Magnolia is a work-in-progress. It is also a masterpiece, as its original beauty and character is continually coaxed to shine through. And its reawakening has become an apt metaphor for THE ARRIVAL.
villa magnolia corner with mountain view
The villa is a solid structure, in overall good shape. But it has been neglected for several years and needs attention. With only my husband and I doing the necessary renovations (mostly my husband), progress has been slow. We have been on a mission to have it retreat-ready by the end of June, but a few things will take much longer than that to complete. The “secret garden” will not be fully restored to its earlier glory by then. And the exterior will remain authentically old-world at this point (that is to say, in need of new plaster here and there and a fresh layer of paint). We are lovingly attending to it, but grand undertakings cannot be rushed. However, even in its haven’t-quite-arrived state, the villa’s majesty and magnificence shine through. And that seems rather fitting to me. We are all just one step away from our own majesty and magnificence, if only we would take the time and energy to let them shine.
secret garden spigot
Villa Magnolia is in the midst of a reawakening after a long slumber. Its 6700 square feet are filled with spacious light-and-airy rooms, large sunny terraces, beautiful tile floors, ornate marble fireplaces and stairs, and detailed architectural moulding. And, not unusual for a building almost 100 years old, this home has various quirks as well.

The villa is not a glitzy 5-star hotel, and will probably never be perfect or complete. It is, however, my beloved home. And it speaks loudly to me about what is worth preserving. I hope you will allow it to speak to you as well. I am offering this first retreat for the lowest price it will ever be, as we attempt to reinvigorate and restore that which has been sleeping.
villa magnolia portico


My name is April M. Lee. I’m certified as a holistic life coach, a wellness coach, a mindful eating coach, and a food psychology coach. I also have bachelor’s degrees in both Business and Psychology, and a master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling.

I’ve been in the counseling/coaching field for over 20 years. I’ve mentored adult women, as well as adolescent girls, with a variety of eating issues. I’ve counseled kids with chemical dependencies. I’ve helped clients navigate their way through devastating grief and loss. I’ve worked with people struggling with various types and levels of depression. More recently I’ve coached women of all ages who are serious about living out their dreams (and seeking their essence in the process).

What all of my clients have had in common is the courage and inspiration to take bigger leaps than they’d ever thought possible. And it’s been my pleasure and privilege to be present for their amazing revelations.

In the fall of 2016, I pushed myself out of my own comfort zone and relocated to an Italian villa in Tuscany. As well as my primary residence, it will serve as the destination location for my in-person retreat-no-more experiences. It is a dream come true for me in many ways. I consider myself to be a work-in-progress, and I think I may just be on my way to becoming a masterpiece as well.

alexander's model in motion



For this very special first retreat at Villa Magnolia, I will be inviting only four women into my home. Four unique dream-seekers. Four courageous women. Serious about choosing, clarifying, chasing, and catching their dreams.

villa magnolia entrance hall in the sunshine
This retreat-no-more experience might be perfect for you if you:

  • want to move beyond the limiting thoughts that have become second-nature to you
  • wish to let go of the final edge of your comfort zone and trust yourself on a truly transformational journey
  • are ready to fight for your individuality, for your authentic voice
  • realize that perseverance and stamina can be learned and practiced
  • are ready to rediscover your identity, reconnect with your essence, and recreate your life

This retreat-no-more experience is probably NOT for you if you:

  • believe total freedom to be who you are is NOT possible
  • fear learning more about yourself, diving deep, and discovering what makes you come alive
  • have no desire to take responsibility for your life and the direction it is going
  • refuse to confront and defy what’s been holding you back
  • have no interest in recapturing your extraordinary, unparalleled, distinctively unique, and magical essence

This retreat speaks to women in many different situations. My clients have experienced empty nests and new relationships. Some are retired, some are divorced, and some are widowed. Several have gone through challenging or disheartening times with their children. Several have no children – by choice, through loss, not yet. Some are just starting out in life, some are starting over in life.

But they all have one thing in common . . . they are trying to maintain their individuality, trying to be their own person, trying to reach their most cherished dreams.

THE ARRIVAL: the quintessential essence7 journey

to making your dreams come true

So, what will THE ARRIVAL really be like? It will be MAGICAL. Real and honest. Full of smiles and tears, laughter and love, raw emotion and breakthroughs, grief and light. Supporting each other. Digging deep. Discovering your own essence in the process. Genuine deliciousness.

And please don’t say no to the entire experience if you are fearful of this process. It’s okay to be afraid, we’re all afraid. But you don’t need to surrender to this angst you’re feeling. If you say “YES” to THE ARRIVAL at Villa Magnolia, I’ll be here to take your hand and walk you through those fears.


What is included in THE ARRIVAL retreat package:

  • AMBIENCE LODGING (in an authentic Italian villa): 5 nights double-occupancy (you will share a large bedroom and bathroom with one other participant, and have access to Villa Magnolia’s many common areas)
  • DELICIOUS MENU (with a fresh healthy Tuscan flair): 5 breakfast buffets, 5 lunches, 3 dinners, and the Tuscan tradition of merenda (afternoon snack)
  • EXPLORATION OF MY 7 ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS: 11 hours via group coaching, with me as your guide
  • PRIVATE SESSION: 1:1 in-person coaching session, one hour, with me
  • CINQUE TERRE DAY TRIP: including train transportation and brown-bag lunch
  • DAILY QI GONG: 7 sessions, both morning and evening (introduction to the theory, meditation, and practice of this ancient Chinese healing art; exploring its physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual poetry-in-movement benefits)
  • MASSAGE OR REFLEXOLOGY SESSION: your choice, one hour, with Ivana Elia / local licensed practitioner
  • FOLLOW-UP: 1:1 telephone/Skype coaching call, one hour, with me (after you return to your home)
  • SUPPORT AND ENCOURAGEMENT: from me, from the retreat staff, from the other retreat participants (who have a similar thirst for essence-seeking)
  • FACEBOOK GROUP: private online space designed to continue the relationships formed

What is NOT included in THE ARRIVAL retreat package:

  • TRANSPORTATION (EXCEPT for train fare to Cinque Terre on Thursday)
  • ONE DINNER (Thursday only)

Let me also introduce my retreat staff . . . beginning with two fabulous women (my life-long best friends) who are traveling to Italy to be by my side and assist me. They will make sure you feel comfortable and well-fed during your stay.

RETREAT COORDINATOR: Kellee Mills will act as my chief assistant; responsible for managing the day-to-day flow of the retreat, attending to participant needs, organizing materials for daily sessions, assisting with meal preparation, and coordinating transportation details. Kellee refers to herself as a work in progress. She is from Idaho (in the United States), and has two grown daughters that share in her love of travel and adventure. Her interests include reading, cooking, camping, swimming, loving animals, meeting new people, road trips, and exploring new areas. “Sharing in April’s retreat will fulfill a life-long dream of traveling to Europe.”

RETREAT CHEF: Carol Roberts will be my chief cook; responsible for planning menus (with attention to individual dietary needs), buying meal ingredients, overseeing food preparation, and supervising all cucina (kitchen) activity. Carol likes to travel in many various forms, doing destination travel, spiritual travel, intellectual travel and creative traveling. She is also from Idaho, and is looking forward to her “first trip to Italy to share in April’s dream.” Carol’s many interests include reading, writing, cooking (which she will be doing at the retreat), and performing. She is married to the love of her life, and has three beautiful daughters who are living on their own, but still in Idaho. Her dream is to write an historical fiction novel set in her hometown.

Many thanks as well to my first friend in Italy, the lovely Ivana Elia, for her massage therapy and reflexology expertise. And also to her husband, Alan Balzano, for his delectable culinary contributions.

Finally, a very special acknowledgement to my amazing husband, Eric Lee, who has been lovingly renovating Villa Magnolia while displaying unwavering belief in his wife’s crazy dream. As always, he will fix or solve whatever issue arises.


Here is a rough sketch of each day. A more detailed itinerary will be available at a later date.
Sunday, June 25

  • arrival at Villa Magnolia
  • unpacking and settling in
  • getting acquainted over merenda

Monday, June 26 / Tuesday, June 27 / Wednesday, June 28

  • breakfast buffet at Villa Magnolia / morning musings
  • morning qi gong (theory and practice)
  • essential element exploration block (morning session)
  • lunch at Villa Magnolia
  • essential element exploration block (afternoon session)
  • 1:1 sessions with April, massage or reflexology sessions, merenda / free time
  • evening activity
  • dinner at Villa Magnolia
  • evening qi gong (practice and meditation)

Thursday, June 29

  • breakfast buffet at Villa Magnolia / morning musings
  • day trip to the sea / Cinque Terre (by train)
  • packed brown-bag lunch
  • dinner (on own)

Friday, June 30

  • breakfast buffet at Villa Magnolia / morning musings
  • morning qi gong (practice and farewell meditation)
  • essential element exploration block (morning session)
  • lunch at Villa Magnolia
  • packing and goodbyes



For now, just make sure you have a valid PASSPORT. I will follow up with a more detailed packing list after you have registered.



This first retreat at Villa Magnolia is dedicated to my beloved mom, Viola Vergobbi. For her example of courage and strength, for her fierce and unconditional love for me, for her shared obsession with big old houses.

And I am extremely honored to be the recipient of the following lovely words from inspiring and courageous clients . . .


“Have you ever been at a crossroads in your life and wondered which way to go next? Have you been in a rut, but want to jump out? Do you just want to see the events in your life through a different lens? I had the opportunity to do all these things when I participated in April’s course THE ARRIVAL: the quintessential essence7 journey to making your dreams come true. It was meaningful, it was paced in a way that participants could write and reflect between lessons, and there was feedback that was crucial with other participants. It was a life changing course for me. The strategies I learned have helped me in difficult situations the rest of the year. April makes it work with her gentle encouragement, helpful suggestions, and professionalism. I highly recommend her offerings.”
~Christy Woolum



“This is an amazing experience. As I read the posts I think about how wonderful women are. We all seem to go through things that are wonderful and things that are hard. No matter our age or place in life we all want to improve and live richer more fulfilled lives. This is so eye opening. Thank you for this opportunity.”
~Jamee Hill Sperry



“I love what April has done here in bringing all us women together in our own space of possibility, helping us connect and support one another in the journey. I’ve so enjoyed all your thoughts and stories.”
~BethAnne Kapansky Wright



“April’s mini-course Awareness is confirmation of what we all know deep in our hearts: that WE matter, that WE have worth. Sometimes, we forget that. We put others’ needs before our own. We have to reawaken that six-year-old inside us who knows she can do anything she sets her mind to, without crossing the line into selfishness where we place ourselves above others. April’s course reflects the classic concern that men have studied since the time of the ancient Greeks: Know thyself. Sometimes it feels that the only thing we do solely for ourselves is eat; everything else is geared toward fulfilling someone else’s wants, desires, and requirements. This is our chance to do something for ourselves, in small or large amounts odf time, as needed. It is wholely worthwhile.”
~Ann Beardsley



“April M Lee I’m so pleased and grateful I signed up for your mini course. It has been the catalyst I needed. Being poorly can undermine, deflate and exhaust me but I’m back on track with a healthier mindset. ☺”
~Maria Murfitt



“April has the rare gift of being able, without judgement, to lead others to self discovery. In the course I took, she provided a safe, nurturing online space where she shared structured, yet flexible steps to “awareness.” Thanks April, you rock!”
~Laurie Early



“It has not been easy to “allow” myself to become more aware. I welcome the thoughts that previously made me nervous and sometimes terrified. When I start to feel myself spiral, I find so much comfort in using the STOP method to address the discomfort head on. Thank you so much for this technique, this course has been life changing. ❤”
~Rebekah Khoury



“Condividere un sogno….condividere un viaggio….specchiarsi nei viaggi altrui per trovare la voglia di partire e trovare il sogno…e’ un ottimo modo farsi accompagnare da April. ? L’unico rischio che correte e’ che lo troviate e siate poi ‘costrette’ a viverlo o rimpiangerlo tutta la vita….. vale la pena scoprire il percorso…se deve essere cosi lo sara’ e sara’ un bel viaggio dentro di voi. E’ fantastica questa donna!!”
[Translation: “To share a dream…. to share a journey…. mirrored in other people’s journeys, to find the will to go and find a dream…. and a great way to do it accompanied by April. ? The only risk you run is that you will find it and then you are ‘forced’ to live it or regret it your whole life. It is worth it to find the route… if it should be, so it will be, and it will be a beautiful journey within. This woman is amazing!!”]
~Lucia Bonotti



“I stood up for myself today—really didn’t need what happened, but I held my own. Thanks again for your help and guidance, for everything. You are a mental health counselor, life coach, and friend. I couldn’t have done this without your encouragement — you are a true gift to me! You have helped me think about my future and dare to imagine that I can pursue opportunities once the kids are grown. Haven’t done that in a long time. Thank you for your reminders to be kind to myself. I’m very fortunate to have such a great counselor!”
~Amy Corrigan



“Do the hard work, listen and BELIEVE what April says, push the inevitable relapses to the side and just keep swimming.”
~Sheila Perreault



“I am always so inspired by your writing . . . and by you. The way you work to pull people beyond the comfort & into the unknown/new territory . . . risk taking & living ‘out loud’ is for all of us . . . You’re amazing and I so appreciate this glimpse of you.
With Love & Respect.”
~Sor’a Garrett



“I was thinking of you today, and the passion you showed about my feelings. You have so much to offer. I feel this in every pore of my body. I believe you have a gift, April, and I hope someday you will be heard by many, many people.”
~Denise Swift



“Your story, your beautiful contribution to the world, is one I have been following and sharing with my husband, as we prepare for the next chapter of our lives. You inspire me to dream just a little more, April!”
~Debbi Mansberger



“April, what I love about you is how you coach yourself first. You allow all of us a glimpse into your mind, heart and life. You show us what you are experiencing in a very authentic and transparent way, then you show us how you walk yourself through it, without judgment. You realign yourself then show us how you did it, and lastly how we can do it for ourselves. You use your wisdom and training and knowledge and skills for your own benefit as well as for all of ours. And I also love how you shine a bright light on your fears. Getting them out of the dark recesses of your mind and onto paper, for all to see. You are a brave, brave woman who pursues her dreams not in the absence of fear, but in spite of it. You have shown such a clear picture of your transformation over the years. You have inspired me and made me feel understood and perfectly alright, no matter what I was going through! Thank you for providing an inspiring and invigorating way to own the life we are living!!”
~April Powell Carchietta



“I took this amazing course last year called THE ARRIVAL – by April M. Lee. Many of you know and follow her Facebook page for her inspirational and entertaining posts PLUS her move to an Italian villa in Italy. SHE IS ALSO an amazing, highly skilled life coach and is offering “travel size” versions of the course (5 days on each element) . . . I’ve taken a lot of coaching courses and I will say that this one was created in a very unique and effective way – quite impressive. Enjoy!”
~Mary Khoury



First, will you commit to making an emotional investment in THE ARRIVAL?

Your time, energy, honesty, and courage are required. Your humor and sense of adventure.
all our dreams can come true
And now? Your financial investment.

Remember what is included!

  • This price includes 5 nights double-occupancy lodging in a magical Italian villa.
  • This price includes 13 delicious flair-of-Tuscany meals.
  • This price includes 11 hours of deep-soul-diving into my 7 essential elements.
  • This price includes 1 private in-person coaching session with me.
  • This price includes 1 day trip to Cinque Terre, including transportation by train.
  • This price includes 7 sessions of morning and evening qi gong with me.
  • This price includes 1 complimentary massage or reflexology session (your choice).
  • This price includes 1 private telephone or Skype follow-up coaching call.
  • This price includes support and encouragement from everyone at Villa Magnolia.
  • This price includes membership in a secret Facebook group.

And keep in mind . . . ONLY FOUR ADVENTUROUS WOMEN will be invited into Villa Magnolia for this very first retreat-no-more boutique experience! I can put your name on a waiting list but, once THE ARRIVAL’s 4 work-in-progress dream-seekers have committed, Villa Magnolia’s doors will close.

Will you be one of THE BOLD FOUR to arrive? The time to act is NOW.

ALL OF THE ABOVE for the incredible rate of


[only $875 due now!]


Retreat no more.

Choose to arrive.


the real journey 2

Since this is the first work-in-progress retreat at still-a-work-in-progress Villa Magnolia, this is the lowest price THE ARRIVAL will EVER be!

My essence7 philosophy continues to stretch and grow (just as I hope to always do) with each iteration. Don’t miss the chance to sign up now for this LIVE in-person guided tour to a more meaningful existence. A one-of-a-kind introspective excursion in Italy!
Reserve your exclusive spot at Villa Magnolia NOW for a deposit of $875 (half of the total retreat price). Once I receive your registration, you will receive a questionnaire with more detailed and pertinent information. If the retreat, setting, and accommodations seem like the perfect fit and solution for you, the remaining $875 will be due no later than June 15, 2017.

  • FULL refund by April 30, 2017
  • PARTIAL refund (excluding initial deposit) by May 31, 2017
  • NO refund after June 15, 2017

Allow the essence7 journey, a deeply personal search for wholeness, to guide you back to yourself. To free you from a life chained to a less-than-genuine you.

Join me on this delicious dream voyage of THE ARRIVAL

for the low price of $1750!

[ensure your spot now for just $875!]


Retreat no more.

Choose to arrive.



If you have any at all, please do not hesitate to contact me by email or send me a Facebook friend request and message me.
You are the author of your own unfolding story, and your dreams, desires, wishes, and goals are simply waiting to be written. THE ARRIVAL will help you emphasize their importance, question and stretch your self-imposed limits, and write those next chapters. Your time is now.