THE ARRIVAL (at a glance)

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THE ARRIVAL- retreat no more



My 7 essential elements. Introduced, explored, distilled down. In Italy.

1. Awareness.
2. Movement.
3. Nourishment.
4. Voice.
5. Zest.
6. Grit.
7. Untethered integration.

So you can begin:

  • coaxing out of that far-too-comfortable dormancy
  • reuniting with your emotions
  • trusting yourself
  • getting real about what you want in your life
  • challenging yourself
  • choosing, clarifying, chasing, and catching your dreams
  • meeting face-to-face with your essence


bold free new life


Retreat no more.

Choose to arrive.



June 26 (Monday) through June 30 (Friday). 2017.


Villa Magnolia, my home in the Tuscany region of Italy.


both a masterpiece and a work-in-progress
This is Villa Magnolia, and it’s a work-in-progress.

me hugging villa magnolia

It is also a masterpiece, as its original beauty and character is continually coaxed to shine through.


My name is April M. Lee, and I’m a work-in-progress too.


I am also a certified holistic life & wellness coach, mentoring women of all ages who are chasing their dreams and sculpting their own personal masterpieces. (I’m right there with them, refining and reshaping, creating my own magnum opus.)

Have I myself arrived? I don’t think a person is ever fully complete, ever fully arrives. But I am proof that dreams, desires, wishes, and goals can absolutely be realized.


Magical. Real and honest. Full of smiles and tears, laughter and love, raw emotion and breakthroughs, grief and light. Supporting each other. Digging deep. Discovering your own essence in the process. Genuine deliciousness.

Four courageous women. Serious about choosing, clarifying, chasing, and catching their dreams.


What is included in THE ARRIVAL retreat package:

  • AMBIENCE LODGING (in an authentic Italian villa): 5 nights double-occupancy
  • DELICIOUS MENU (with a fresh healthy Tuscan flair): 13 meals, plus the Tuscan tradition of merenda
  • EXPLORATION OF MY 7 ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS: 11 hours via group coaching
  • PRIVATE SESSION: 1:1 in-person coaching session with me
  • CINQUE TERRE DAY TRIP: including train transportation
  • DAILY QI GONG: 7 sessions (introduction to the theory, meditation, and practice of this ancient Chinese healing art)
  • MASSAGE OR REFLEXOLOGY SESSION: your choice, one hour
  • FOLLOW-UP: 1:1 telephone/Skype coaching call with me
  • SUPPORT AND ENCOURAGEMENT: from me, from the retreat staff, from the other participants
  • FACEBOOK GROUP: private online space

What is NOT included in THE ARRIVAL retreat package:

  • TRANSPORTATION (EXCEPT for train fare to Cinque Terre)



Sunday, June 25

  • arrival at Villa Magnolia
  • unpacking and settling in
  • getting acquainted over merenda

Monday, June 26 / Tuesday, June 27 / Wednesday, June 28

  • breakfast buffet at Villa Magnolia / morning musings
  • morning qi gong (theory and practice)
  • essential element exploration block (morning session)
  • lunch at Villa Magnolia
  • essential element exploration block (afternoon session)
  • 1:1 sessions with April, massage or reflexology sessions, merenda / free time
  • evening activity
  • dinner at Villa Magnolia
  • evening qi gong (practice and meditation)

Thursday, June 29

  • breakfast buffet at Villa Magnolia / morning musings
  • day trip to the sea / Cinque Terre (by train)
  • packed brown-bag lunch
  • dinner (on own)

Friday, June 30

  • breakfast buffet at Villa Magnolia / morning musings
  • morning qi gong (practice and farewell meditation)
  • essential element exploration block (morning session)
  • lunch at Villa Magnolia
  • packing and goodbyes



For now, just make sure you have a valid PASSPORT. I will follow up with a more detailed packing list after you have registered.


I feel very honored by these lovely words.


ONLY 4 ADVENTUROUS WOMEN will be invited into Villa Magnolia for this very first retreat-no-more boutique experience!

Remember what is included!

  • 5 nights double-occupancy lodging in a magical Italian villa
  • 13 delicious flair-of-Tuscany meals
  • 11 hours of deep-soul-diving into my 7 essential elements
  • 1 private in-person coaching session with me
  • 1 day trip to Cinque Terre, including transportation by train
  • 7 sessions of morning and evening qi gong with me
  • 1 complimentary massage or reflexology session (your choice)
  • 1 private telephone or Skype follow-up coaching call
  • support and encouragement from everyone at Villa Magnolia
  • membership in a secret Facebook group


ALL OF THE ABOVE for the incredible rate of


[only $875 due now!]


Retreat no more.

Choose to arrive.

Will you be one of THE BOLD FOUR to arrive? Reserve your exclusive spot at Villa Magnolia NOW for a deposit of $875 (half of the total retreat price). The remaining $875 will be due by June 15, 2017.

  • FULL refund by April 30, 2017
  • PARTIAL refund (excluding initial deposit) by May 31, 2017
  • NO refund after June 15, 2017


Join me on this delicious dream voyage of THE ARRIVAL

for the low price of $1750!

[only 1/2 due now!]


Retreat no more.

Choose to arrive.


the real journey 2



If you have any at all, please do not hesitate to contact me by email or send me a Facebook friend request and message me.

THE ARRIVAL: the quintessential essence7 journey

to making your dreams come true