imagine. create. visualize.

i don’t set new year’s resolutions.
oh i always have goals in mind.
but that added pressure at the beginning of january has never worked for me.

so for the past two summers i have created vision boards instead.

i was facilitating a support group at the time and we decided to explore this concept together.
we spent two wednesdays in a row, two years in a row, in manifestation-devising bliss.
perusing magazines, cutting out words and images, arranging and designing.
all the while chatting about life.
internal and external struggles, hopes and dreams for the future.
these sessions were very meaningful to me.

however i have since transitioned my business to an online venture.
and i no longer lead an in-person group.

you know what though?
i am still setting aside time to make a vision board this summer.
this has become an important mid-year ritual for me.
and the 2013 edition may prove to be my most significant yet.

last month i celebrated a milestone birthday.
and i am currently experiencing huge changes in my personal life.
which makes me more eager than ever to pave the pathway.
to open myself up to the new adventures that await me.


[june 2011]


[august 2012]


i have always identified more strongly with words than with images.
and, as you can see, my vision boards reflect that fact.
(in contrast, my clients’ finished products usually contained more pictures and illustrations.)

i also tend to have ideas in mind before i begin.
what i would like to see happening in my life.
so i intentionally search out ways to represent those aspirations.
the “what’s-burning-in-your-head” technique.

others know it when they see it.
they approach this project with a blank slate.
the “as-it-hits-me” technique.

there is no wrong or right.
you are the composer of your own life.
you decide how to arrange it.

did everything i had envisioned transpire?
no, not all.
but i came amazingly close to attaining most of my dreams.

and i’ve realized something truly incredible along the way.
that i am invigorated by simply clarifying what i desire.

it helps me focus my attention on the crucial aspects of my life.
it helps me align my goals with what actually brings me joy.
it produces momentum and a feeling of excitement.

i can prevent stagnation.
i can generate possibilities.
i can attract what i want.


have you ever created a vision board?
what was the process like for you?
please share.
i am fascinated with others’ stories.


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20 Responses to imagine. create. visualize.

  1. Jan Nelson says:

    I’m very visual too, so I’m definitely going to try this! You need to find a magazine with the word “Brilliant” and paste it to your board, amazing April!

    • April Lee says:

      jan – what a nice thing to say . . . thank you. please let me know how your vision board turns out – the process AND the finished product! enjoy yourself.

  2. Amy says:

    April~What a fun idea! I want to do this with my seventeen year old daughter, she will love it. Thanks.

  3. Reena Tory says:

    love vision boards April! I also love putting words on there that resonate with me. thank you for sharing your wisdom 🙂

  4. I have never made a vision board, but I have no idea why! I do take my financial reports from my business and turn them into artwork – ‘artistic statistics’. This would go along well with that!

    • April Lee says:

      i’ve seen your “artistic statistics” and think they’re great, angie! i think you would really enjoy the process of creating a vision board.

  5. I love making vision boards. Last time when I sat down to make one my kids wanted to join in. That’s how my vision board ended up with phrases like “cinnamon bubble buns”!

  6. I love vision boards. I use Pinterest, but there is something about making your own, that sits in your house. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Caylie Price says:

    Love your boards April! I’m also more of a word gal!
    I did create a vision board some time ago but need to do a new one as my life and goals have changed quite dramatically in some areas.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

    • April Lee says:

      thank you, caylie. isn’t it interesting to look back and see how we have changed and grown? let me know how it goes if you create a new one!

  8. Ryan Arnold says:

    I love the idea of vision boarding in summer instead of jamming goal setting around crazy holiday season. Thanks April.

    • April Lee says:

      yes, ryan – there’s a feeling of relaxation during the summer that doesn’t always accompany the winter holiday months. i’ve found it to be the perfect time to put my life in perspective.

  9. What a great post April! I love that you share how it’s not as important that everything comes true exactly as you vision but that the ENERGY you create by simply focusing your desires is just as rewarding (if not more so!).

    It has been awhile since I have created a “formal” vision board (I have images that I rotate out on my focus board in my office as well as Pinterest soul collages that I tune into about once a year), and I am getting a sense that it’s high time that I get refocused again on what is truly motivating me right now!

    • April Lee says:

      yes, sabrina – the actual act of creating the vision board is so inspiring. allowing yourself to consider all of the possibilities in your life is a powerful tool for growth. let me know if you make one!

  10. Girl I TEACH people to create vision boards and don’t do it enough myself. Thanks for sharing yours! I’m going to go find my glue.

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