email coaching

sometimes, rather than

  • trying to verbalize our thoughts and emotions while speaking aloud
  • being put on the spot orally
  • grasping for the right phrases in person

we realize that

  • it is easier to express ourselves in writing
  • we are better able to convey our ideas and feelings when we write them out
  • a written message more confidently communicates what it is we want to say


does this profile fit you?

if so, good news.

i also offer email coaching to my clients.


the format:

  • 4 calendar weeks (monday through sunday)
  • average response = 2 coaching emails per week (with a maximum of 12 per month)
  • individualized homework assignments and exercises
  • personal support and accountability as you work toward your stated goals
  • more convenience and flexibility in the midst of your busy schedule


want to schedule a month of email sessions with me?

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