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THE BONUSES. THE PACKAGE. (exploring THE ARRIVAL, bit by bit)

If you’re on social media, you may have seen the TWO INCREDIBLE BONUSES that were recently added to THE ARRIVAL retreat package. If you haven’t, then this important announcement is specifically for you (because I don’t want anyone to miss out on these fantastic Italian-experience opportunities)!

no cacophony of thoughts.

recently i’ve been receiving reflexology treatments from my dear friend ivana. that could be an entire blog post in itself, but today i just wanted to touch on something that happened last week during my session.

i’ve been trying to relax into the moment while i’m there, to turn off the overactive thinking-thinking-thinking part of my brain and focus solely on self-care during that hour.

Just begin.

“I recently went through the loss of my only child. I struggle daily to live myself. A friend of mine hooked me up with April and essence7 and I decided to go to Italy. This was the best decision I have made for myself.

sunshine-y thoughts and daffodil-y beginnings

sometimes we just need to meditate on
sunshine-y thoughts and daffodil-y beginnings.

tuesday was a strange day.
(well, every day has been unusual
since i moved to italy.)
but tuesday was an especially strange day.

i had planned to write about it today,
partly to tell the story
and partly just to process it all.

THE ITINERARY. (exploring THE ARRIVAL, bit by bit)

THE ARRIVAL, my 5-day retreat this May!

Retreat no more.
Choose to arrive.


Let me share the unfolding of EACH MAGICAL DAY at
Villa Magnolia, my home in Tuscany . .

under the same moon

on the morning of january second, i read a blog post entitled ‚Äúleaving on a jet plane.”

bittersweet timing, since that same day my two sons would be flying back to the states after their wonderful-but-too-short visit to italy for the holidays.

my new year’s gift to you!

guess what?
it’s time for another brand-new travel size course!
(and i’m offering it to you for FREE!)

i’ve been highlighting each of the 7 essential elements
from my signature online course, THE ARRIVAL.
one by one, each standing on its own.

an honest look back at the past 14 months

today, the 28th of december, marks 14 months i’ve lived in italy. as 2017 draws to a close. amidst the reflective somewhat-directionless period between the two winter holidays. the past couple of weeks have been slower-paced. time with family. time to think about the past year-plus of my life.

with an ease of expression

how do i envision my ideal 2018?

flowing and fluid.
effortlessly smooth.
with an ease of expression.

i knew my word-of-the-year must not only guide me,
but also embody this feeling.

i considered several different words while engaging
in this much-awaited december ritual.

THE DREAM. (exploring THE ARRIVAL, bit by bit)


TUSCANY, ITALY | MAY 20-25, 2018

Is it finally YOUR time?


at villa magnolia in italy

In just a little over 5 months from now, you can be one of THE BOLD FOUR who says “YES” to an enchanting retreat-no-more experience at Villa Magnolia, my home in Italy!