essence (dictionary definition)

  • the inward nature, true substance, or construction of anything
  • absolutely essential, critical, crucial
  • spirit, soul, core


essence7 (model)

1. awareness (exploring mindfulness, discovering one’s essence)

2. movement (improving energy, taking the first step, moving forward with fitness and with life)

3. nourishment (eating mindfully, recognizing true hunger, listening to one’s body, nourishing oneself with food and purpose)

4. voice (replacing negative self-defeating thoughts with positive appropriate phrases, rewriting the script, speaking up for oneself)

5. zest (making oneself a delightful priority, giving oneself the gift of wellness)

6. grit (realizing everything in life is a choice, rewarding progress not perfection)

7. untethered integration (connecting the dots to live a meaningful life, merging existing self and true essence for absolute freedom)



untethered (dictionary definition)

  • not tied or limited, released
  • unconfined
  • liberated


integration (dictionary definition)

  • act of combining into a complete whole
  • coordination of mind/body/spirit into one harmoniously functioning unit
  • high level wellness


untethered integration (concept)

  • a unique personal journey in which constraints are left behind and the conscious self is rediscovered and unified
  • a bold. free. new life.