april m. lee

welcome to my global studio.

i am a certified holistic life and wellness coach with a background in cognitive-behavioral counseling. (and i have a few additional certifications as well – food psychology coach, mindful eating coach, and walk instructor. i’m also very close to being certified as a qi gong instructor).

i am honored to walk alongside the woman who is in the process of rediscovering her essence and reintegrating herself. the woman who has perhaps struggled, yet overcome, and is ready and eager to move on to the next chapter in her life.

are you this woman?
would you appreciate an ally to accompany you on your journey?

i have counseled individuals with a variety of concerns including eating issues (from emotional eating to anorexia nervosa), depression, grief, and substance abuse.

i have a rather nomadic unschooled approach to life. i’m a seasoned homeschooling parent, and my family and i traveled the world together. in october 2016, as new empty-nesters, my husband and i permanently relocated to italy’s northern tip of tuscany.
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