bold. free. new life.

can you imagine a world where nothing holds you back?

a world where you break free from conventions and stereotypes that don’t fit?

a world where you pursue what you genuinely desire?

a world where you disentangle from self-defeating beliefs and discover your true essence?

a world of untethered integration?

are you a woman who has struggled and persevered, physically, mentally, or emotionally?

a woman who now wants to explore and embrace the person she truly is during the next chapter of her life?

a woman who wants to shed external and internal tethers (like food or drink, grief or fear) that keep her from being that person?

a woman who wants to expand her domain and journey to places previously unknown (geographically or introspectively)?

a woman who wants to CHOOSE, CLARIFY, CHASE, and finally CATCH her DREAMS?

do any of these questions resonate with you?



perhaps it is time. to explore and create this world for yourself.

experience my essence7 model.

engage in a basic step-by-step plan to achieve the results you are seeking in your life.

hi, my name is april m. lee.

i’m a certified holistic life & wellness coach, with a masters in counseling.
i have over 20 years of experience in a field that thrills me.

i was born in the u.s. and have traveled to many places in the world.
i now live in italy.

learn more about me here.

what exactly do i do?

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take a look at my studio notes too.

any questions or comments?
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here’s to a bold. free. new life.